Lori is an incredible reader and a heartful helper. I felt cared for with my whole being during the read. She lead me to places I did not think possible and her answers were very helpful and deep. I can absolutely recommend her work.


When I was at a decision point in my life I sought advice and booked a read with Lori. It has been very helpful for me that Lori saw aspects of me that I could identify as living in me but I had a difficult time embracing them. This was very encouraging and helped me to step into a version of myself that I’ve been holding back.

Lori clearly has a gift in reading people, I also like that she uses metaphors because they stick with me for a long time. I can highly recommend Lori to anyone who would like to explore new possibilities in their life journey.


Lori is highly empathic, insightful, and fun. I found it so easy and sweet to “go there” with her. I felt very safe and cared for. Her specific insights into my path and particularly my relationships were very helpful and on-point. I highly recommend Lori to anyone looking for unique intuitive readings from someone with amazing third eye gifts AND a great big heart.


When I asked Lori for a reading I had no specific question or theme I was just curious what she would give me. Then, when we met, she explained what her way of reading looks like and then started immediately by telling me everything that she was “getting” without me having to have any question at first, that was great. Lori had a beautiful way of explaining what she got in metaphorical pictures that were easy to understand for me.

Her reading of me gave me an experience of myself, and she reminded me of my essential nature which is very helpful for me and I integrate that knowledge now in my daily life. I very much liked that Lori didn’t have any investment of what I should get out of her read, she was just open and lovingly telling me what she sees/feels. Her presence was relaxing for me.

She also told me some things about my future in relationship to work. That was unexpected and nice to get ideas of what my path could be….

I would recommend Lori to anyone looking for a deeper understanding for themselves and their life issues. I will consult her again.


I’ve worked with Lori for many years. I have found her intuitive sessions to be very helpful in guiding me to find my voice and my truth. She is extremely compassionate and insightful in her work. She also has a great sense of humor which helped me to navigate some difficult times. Forever grateful!