Transformational Guidance and Education for maximizing human potential through greater alignment with one's innate gifts.

Welcome to my site...

...or perhaps welcome to my "sight" is a bit more appropriate.

Life can be complicated, challenging and confusing. And, these days, circumstances seem to change more rapidly than ever before, sometimes from moment to moment. It can feel like you need to make huge life decisions blindly with very little solid information to guide your decision. This is where I can help.

I am an intuitive Guide, Educator and Transformation agent. By tuning into your ‘higher self’ or ‘Soul's essence’, my intuitive readings will guide you toward your most efficient and aligned life choices. That is to say, the choices that are in the highest alignment with your Soul's path or destiny.

What to expect...

Each session is unique, addressing what is most relevant in the present moment for each individual. Helpful reframing of circumstances and clarifying intuitive insight offer a greater capacity for making more informed decisions and life choices. Often, a session will include a glimpse into the 'larger' picture as well, lending insight into why you may have consciously or unconsciously made certain choices along the way... and what lesson your soul seeks from such choices. Having a greater context for why certain patterns exist in your life can empower you to make new and different choices for a more fulfilling life in the future, the life you were born to live.


What people say...

Her presence was relaxing for me.

When I asked Lori for a reading I had no specific question or theme I was just curious what she would give me. Then, when we met, she explained what her way of reading looks like and then started immediately by telling me everything that she was “getting” without me having to have any question at first... Read more

She helped me step into a version of myself that I've been holding back.

When I was at a decision point in my life I sought advice and booked a read with Lori. It has been very helpful for me that Lori saw aspects of me that I could identify as living in me but I had a difficult time embracing them... Read more

She lead me to places I did not think possible.

Lori is an incredible reader and a heartful helper. I felt cared for with my whole being during the read. She lead me to places I did not think possible and her answers were very helpful and deep. I can absolutely recommend her work. Read more

Where it began...

As a young child, my memories included seeing angels and spirit guides (our unseen helpers) as well as having the occasional prophetic dream or vision. These visions and phenomena would all but take a backseat in my adult life until reawakened by a near-death experience in the mid 80's. This intense and traumatic experience seemed to open an even deeper doorway into other realms. I began seeing the translucent forms of my spirit guides and myriad others from the 'other side' who no longer walked in this world but still wished to communicate. These unexpected visits could be quite jarring, leaving me wondering what to do. Fortunately, I found my way to a very gifted medium with whom I studied psychic development for several years. Under his caring guidance, I learned how to use my gifts on my own terms. And I learned that using my gifts to help others was one of the more profound ways that I would fulfill my soul's path, my destiny. It has been 20 years now since my career as an intuitive life coach began.

When it's time...

So, whether you're... at an important choice point in your life, in need of support during a particularly rough patch or just curious about what life might hold for you in the future, I'm pleased to offer assistance.
For me, serving in this way, as a helper and lover of humanity, is deeply fulfilling. I can think of nothing more rewarding than using my gifts, my 'path', to help others illuminate and unlock their own. Pretty cool stuff.
From my heart to yours,



To book a time for your reading, contact me by phone or email.
Sessions are offered by phone, (Skype or Face Time with advanced notice).
Please include your name, email address, phone number, time zone and some idea of your availability.
I offer sessions that are one hour or longer.
For those seeking a deeper, more transformational experience, 3, 5, and 10 hour packages are available at a discounted rate. 
An emailed digital recording of your session is available upon request.
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The Missing Handbook for Being Human

Chapter 1: Welcome to Earth! An Intro to Psychic Development

Ever wish that your human existence came with an instruction manual? Ever wonder how different your life would be if each decision was informed by your highest guidance? Not to worry, dear human. The truth is that each of us does, indeed, come equipped with our own internal guidance system. Its called intuition, the direct link to the voice of your Soul.

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